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R packages

A compilation of miscellaneous functions developed over the years.
Makes the MNIST dataset easily accessible in R.
Object-oriented Deep Learning modeling. Restricted Bolzman Machines training with contrastive divergence and autoencoder fine-tuning with conjugate gradients.

Firefox Extensions

User Scripts (for Greasemonkey)

The Free Dictionary 2 Wikipedia
This script for the website The Free Dictionary adds direct links to Wikipédia.
Copernic Redirect Remover
Removes the redirects in the meta search engine Copernic. Visited links can thus be displayed in a different color, and they are faster when the server is slow.
Yahoo! Redirect Remover
Removes the redirects in the Yahoo! search engine. Visited links can thus be displayed in a different color, and they are faster when the server is slow. As Yahoo! stopped using redirects, this script isn't useful anymore.

See also: my account on userscripts.org


Screenshot of extensions.geckozone.org

Besides my personal website, I have been administrator since 2004 of Geckozone : Liberté d'extension, which provides translations and lists of translated extensions for Mozilla products.

I contributed to its development together with Thomas and Thomas, doing the (CSS) stylesheet and part of the PHP coding. I also translated several extensions provided on that website.


Screenshot of the ACIMF website

Since 2010 I have been the webmaster of the ACIMF association.

I took over the development and integrated the existing content into the Lenya framework of the University of Geneva.

Les talents méconnus de Tolkien

Screenshot of “les talents méconnus de Tolkien”

On the french website Les talents méconnus de Tolkien, developed between 2002 and 2003 (still online), I present picture and voice recordings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

It was my first website. I discovered PHP and programming, and finally web standards (thanks to the Geckozone community).

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