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I am currently carrying bioinformatic and cellular signaling network research as an Assistant Professor in the Linding lab group at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I am specialized in the analysis of Mass Spectrometry data, data integration and Deep Learning methods.

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Areas of expertise


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Research experience

2016 – now, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Assistant Professor, Linding lab
2014 – 2016, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Post-doc, Linding lab
2014, Technical University of Denmark
Post-doc, Linding lab
2013, Technical University of Denmark
Bourse de chercheur débutant du Fond National
Post-doc, Linding lab

Scientific tools

a web interface to create MIAPE-gel-compliant documents
a package for R and S+ to build and analyze ROC curves
find the best panel of biomarkers
a Deep Learning package for R
Restricted Bolzman Machines training with contrastive divergence and autoencoder fine-tuning with conjugate gradients

University degrees obtained

2012, University of Geneva
PhD in Science, interdisciplinary (bioinformatics)
2007, University of Geneva
Masters in proteomics and bioinformatics
2005, University of Geneva
Bachelor in biology

Public presentations

2009, UseR! conference, Rennes France
Combination of protein biomarkers
2010, Swiss Proteomics Society PhD students' symposium, Basel
How to combine biomarkers?
2011, HUPO Annual World Congress, Genève
PanelomiX – a bioinformatic tool to build biomarker panels
2012, 9th Siena Meeting, Sienne, Italy
PanelomiX: a web-based tool to create panels of biomarkers based on thresholds


2007, Congress of the Swiss Proteomics Society, Lausanne
MIAPEGelDB: a web-based submission tool and public repository for MIAPE gel electrophoresis documents
2008, 8th Siena meeting, Siena, Italy
Comparison of statistical learning methods for biomarker combination
Swiss Proteomics Society Grant
2008, European BioAlpine Convention, Geneva
Comparison of statistical learning methods for biomarker combination
Award for the best poster in the session “beyond discovery in proteomics”
2012, Integrative Network Biology 2012: Network Medicine, Helsingør, Denmark
pROC: an open-source package for R and S+ to analyze and compare ROC curves

Teaching activities

2010, 2011, in masters in proteomics and bioinformatics
Biomarker validation part 2: statistical analysis (2h)
Combination of biomarkers (2h)
2014, Bachelor in IT and Health, KU / DTU
Course organizer: Introduction to Systems Biology


Association du corps intermédiaire de médecine fondamentale
Board member and webmaster
Geckozone community
Translation of extensions for Firefox and webmaster


Since 2007, University of Geneva
Preparation of a PhD thesis in sciences, mention interdisicplinary
“Combination of biomarkers”
2007, University of Geneva
Specialisation internship in the “stroke” project of the Biomedical Proteomics Research Group and University Hospital of Geneva
2005 – 2007, University of Geneva
Master's degree in proteomics and bioinformatics (jointly organized by the faculties of medicine and sciences and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)
Practical work “Tools for proteomic standards” (web interface for MIAPE documents)
2002 – 2005, University of Geneva
Bachelor in biology (faculty of sciences)
Monograph “A dual role for Ded1p helicase?”
1998 – 2002, High school, Geneva
Federal maturity with scientific options
“with mention”
Distinction Denise Lecoultre for my maturity work about prion
1993 – 2007, Conservatoire populaire de musique de Genève
Piano (music studies certificate)
“with mention”
1987 – 1998, Geneva
Obligatory school

Professionnal background

Summer 2005, Geneva
Shop assistant at the fruit and vegetables department of Migros store.
Summer 2004, Geneva
Order assistant at the central purchasing agency of Migros, fruit and vegetables department.
Summer 2003, Geneva
Storekeeper in multimedia centre for Migros (CMR)
Summer 2002, Moudon
Military recruit school, hospital soldier
One-week placement at Delémont hospital (stewardship department)

Additional information

Peer-reviewed manuscripts for:
Journal of Proteomics
The Open Proteomics Journal
Journal of Statistical Software
2012 – present
Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Proteomics
Spoken languages
French (mother tongue)
German (good level)
English (high school level)
Personal informations
Nationality : Switzerland
Date of birth : 9th January 1983
Birth place : Lancy, Geneva
Reading (Science-fiction, fantasy, computing)
Photography (macro)

Passer en français



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