Search is provided by the Search::QueryParser::SQL perl module and has a powerful syntax.

Exact match
Simple or double quotes look up for the exact match.
Examples: "mozilla firefox", 'mozilla firefox'. (Compare to mozilla firefox)
Search is case insensitive
mozilla firefox is strictly equivalent to MoZilla FirefoX
Boolean operators
Use the OR operator between two words to find either of them.
Example: mozilla OR firefox
AND is implied, so that mozilla AND firefox is the same as mozilla firefox
+ is equivalent to AND, so that mozilla AND firefox, mozilla + firefox and + mozilla + firefox are all the same.
Use the NOT operator to find pages without a word. Example: firefox NOT LongTitles
- is equivalent to NOT, so that firefox NOT LongTitles and firefox - LongTitles return the same result.
Can be combined with the wildcard character (see below) to have at least one positive value in query.
Combinations of AND/OR clauses must be surrounded by parentheses.
Example: "firefox AND (openoffice OR LongTitles)
The % sign will search for anything. Examples: %, % NOT "mozilla firefox"
The underscore sign (_) will replace one single character.
Search can be restricted to one of the following fields: path (the URL minus the date, 'blog' or 'tag' parts) title body tag name or comment.
To restrict the search, prefix the element by the field and colon or an equal sign. Example: title:firefox, title:firefox OR body=LongTitles

You are free to invent many combinations of all these operators.

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