pROC 1.6 released

Two years after the last major release 1.5, pROC 1.6 is finally available. It comes with several major enhancements:

Power ROC tests

This is probably the main feature of this version: power tests for ROC curves. It is now possible to compute sample size, power, significance level or minimum AUC with pROC.


roc1 <- roc(aSAH$outcome, aSAH$ndka)
roc2 <- roc(aSAH$outcome, aSAH$wfns)

power.roc.test(roc1, roc2, power=0.9)

It is implemented with the methods proposed by Obuchowski and colleagues1, 2, with the added possibility to use bootstrap or the DeLong3 method to compute variance and covariances. For more details and examples, see ?power.roc.test.

As a side effect, a new method="obuchowski" has been implemented in the cov and var functions. More details in ?var.roc and ?cov.roc.

Confidence intervals for arbitrary coordinates

It is now possible to compute confidence intervals of arbitrary coordinates, with a syntax much similar to that of the coords function.


ci.coords(aSAH$outcome, aSAH$s100b, x="best")

# Or for much more information:
rets <- c("threshold", "specificity", "sensitivity", "accuracy", "tn", "tp", "fn", "fp", "npv", 
          "ppv", "1-specificity", "1-sensitivity", "1-accuracy", "1-npv", "1-ppv")
ci.coords(aSAH$outcome, aSAH$wfns, x=0.9, input = "sensitivity", ret=rets)

Speed enhancements

NOTE: because of this change, roc objects created with an earlier version will have to be re-created before they can be used in any bootstrap operation.

Dropped S+ support

S+ support was dropped, due to diverging code bases and apparent drop of support of S+ by TIBCO. A version 1.5.9 will be released in the next few days on ExPaSy with an initial work on ROC tests. It will work only on 32bits versions of S+ 8.2 for Windows.

Other changes

As usual, you will find the new version on ExPASy (please give a few days for the update to be propagated there) and on the CRAN. To update, type update.packages() or install.packages("pROC") if you want to update pROC only.

Xavier Robin
Published Thursday, December 26, 2013 18:10 CET
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