Xavier Robin – Bibliography

Papers as first author

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As co-first author

* These authors contributed equally.

  1. Longden J.*, Robin X.*, Engel M.*, Ferkinghoff-Borg J., Kjær I., Horak I. D., Pedersen M. W. & Linding R. (2021). Deep neural networks identify signaling mechanisms of ErbB-family drug resistance from a continuous cell morphology space. Cell Reports 34 (3), 108657. PMID: 33472071. DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.108657. Citations.


  1. Robin X. (2012). Panels of biomarkers to improve patient classification in brain diseases. Doctoral dissertation, University of Geneva. Institution link: 24210. Download: PDF.

Book Chapters

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Papers as co-author

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